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Vintage Postcard Series of Angels Landing // Message takemetomountains for details!

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Anonymous: It seems incredibly random and slightly hilarious that people get their pantaloons all in a bunch over your blog. I haven't been following you for super long or anything but pleasant photos of beaches and various forests don't seem like "hater triggers" to me. If loving Hot Button issues like fir trees and drawings of stags is wrong than I don't want to be right!

"If loving Hot Button issues like fir trees and drawings of stags is wrong than I don’t want to be right!"

I might make this the description of my blog..

Anonymous: Silly messages, let sweet Tim alone. You know not the roads his feet have traveled.

Ah, thanks so much. I like this one.

Anonymous: You are a sweet and caring man, and you have a huge appetite for hearing other peoples stories. The people sending you these silly messages about bridge burning and not caring are missing out in not truly knowing you. - a good friend :)

Ah you’re gonna make me blush.

Now I need to go figure out who you are..

Anonymous: damn- doesnt seem like you care about it

people have sent me plenty of messages about the way things “seem”. You can only read so well into things on your side of the screen..


Consume Me 

“There was a star riding through clouds one night, & I said to the star, ‘Consume me’.” 
― Virginia WoolfThe Waves

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Anonymous: do you burn a lot of bridges?

All the time, never out of malice though.

Once you are up in them mountains, the worthwhile peaks show themselves..


Stick together..


Dog with pipe, 1940s (via)

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