Moments of humble reprieve. 

What do you look like? and more importantly, what how would you describe yourself?

Thats what I look like. I suppose I would describe myself as silently observant? Potentially still a 2 year old at heart as well..

There ya go anon.

Happy flag day! I sure do love my Stars and Stripes.

Gettin my climb on, A classic v3 or 4 at Joe’s Valley

Tryin to tell the lady behind the camera that shes gunna have to help me patch them elbows up… 

For the anon wondering about my old man hair. I occasionally get away with the senior citizens discount at the movies..

26, goin on 50..

You guys are selfie-obsessed.. I’m cuttin you off after this one.  

Hope this works… Ill post another one in five years…


winter duds.

(for the curious gray face)

I found a friend.

Got to be a test model while we figured out the lighting situation, and I got to figure out exactly who has been following me my entire life…

And then for some reason they let me be the real model… I’ll spare you guys on that one..